Team OVer

In 2015 The OVer Company started out of a need, graduated to a hobby, and is now a vibrant small business that we are proud to be building together. Every part -- from our staff to our incredible customers – has a hand in making what we do so special. At Team OVer, we know that big impacts often come from humble beginnings, and our story is no exception.

Our product line has grown from just one versatile tool for a preemie mama in 2015 to now encompassing care for the whole family. Through it all, we strive at The OVer Company to produce items that you trust to be there with you in hard times – through new challenges, birth, growth, loss, and everything in between.

We value individual skill sets, creative thinking, and our mission: to make the everyday life of the modern family easier. We are a close-knit community that is always pushing positivity, inclusivity, kindness, and lots of laughter.


Sabrina Maulucci

Founder + Creative Director

Meet Sabrina - Founder and creative force behind The OVer Company Corp, The Modern Mom Show and The OVer Company Flagship Store based out of London, Ontario. As a mama to 3 preemie babies, Sabrina is passionate about families journeying through the NICU and giving back to the community she was once a part of. While the business had an organic beginning, Sabrina’s strong work ethic, passion for finding joy in everything she does, and close attention to detail has lead to the success of The OVer Company + TMMS brand. Even though Sabrina has no formal business or design training, her naturally creative ways and out-of-the-box approach have helped the business stay current with the changing trends and also keeps customers on their toes with all the new and exciting things happening every day.

You can find Sabrina on her pink sofa designing fabric prints, chatting with customers, organizing the business social platforms, planning The Modern Mom Show and arranging brand partnerships and upcoming projects. Michael is Sabrina’s calmer side and helps keep all her creative ideas organized. Michael is the planner to Sabrina’s spontaneous personality and together they have created a successful business. Sabrina has become an inspiration and social influence in her community and tries to keep it real through insta stories and showing her real mom/boss life. Outside of the office Sabrina loves to travel, spend time with her three kids, go on weekly dates with Michael, shop for home decor and tour through open houses!

Michael Maulucci

Founder + Director of Operations

Meet Michael - Dad of three and Sabrina’s other half. Michael is the boss behind all the background work of The OVer Company,. Michael was the motivator to Sabrina in the early days and without him, this business wouldn’t be possible! Michael’s vast skill set has been such a valuable asset to the business. You can find Michael doing anything from product video and photoshoots, editing the website, connecting with wholesale accounts, organizing finances and shipping and receiving. Michael has a lot of former experience with customer service and management and has a high priority for making sure all of the business customers (and wholesale accounts) have the best customer experience possible. Michael is a coffee-loving, Buffalo Sabres-cheering, chicken wing-eating, music addict that has a deep love for his family. Being a business owner has brought Michael a sense of accomplishment and he is so proud of the success of the business. On Micheal’s “off” time (what is off time?!) you can find him traveling with Sabrina, attending hockey games with his brother and at the best coffee shop in town- Commonwealth Coffee Co.